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(Note: the first lesson in each course is free: no need to sign in or sign up, just scroll down to the links

If you would like to think of yourself as being brave, creative, unconventional, and interesting, then, follow me ...

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Hi. I'm Steve Comstock and I'm the founder of "Still Plugging Away", a sole proprietorship.


The Zen of Web Coding
The Joy of Coding
DIY coding
Why me?

My background


Some people putter in their garden.

Others putter in their garage, their basement, their workshop or their studio.

They hone their skills and create fine pieces of art or craft.

I putter on my computer. I hone my skills and create web pages.

Try this approach and see if it satisfies creative needs you have.

This site is for anyone who ...

.. and who could, perhaps, use one or more of these skills:

  1. Better skills using Windows computers
  2. Ability to create / modify a web site to support their interest(s)
  3. Advanced skills with websites

And wouldn't it be nice to do this at a low cost?


If you want to get a better handle on using Windows, the first course is for you.


then the second and third courses are for you.


Here's a short paper on this, The non-programmer's guide to Coding Websites.


Here's a crazy idea: build a website that's not on the web!, see why you might do this here. We cover this in the second course.


And here are some sample solutions from the labs in this course, to show the kind of things you'll be able to do when you have sucessfully completed the course.


So here's the story ...

(Note: I strongly suggest you view all our videos in full screen mode: click the icon in the lower right corner of the video area (it shows four arrows pointing to the corners of the screen). When you are done, the Esc ("escape") key returns you to regular mode.)

Click here if you have problems with the sound on the video.


Click here for the video transcript


Following are some mini-lessons to demonstrate some quick-and-dirty starting steps (these videos are not on YouTube) ...

Let's get you set up to create your own web pages.

Here are the instructions to code and test a web page.

Now: how do you do maintenance on a web page?


For your needs, you might perhaps just go with Practical Windows course and be done.

On the other hand, if you want to accomplish website coding, perhaps you already know enough to jump in at the start of the Creating Websites course, skipping the Practical Windows course. Or you could try Creating Websites and then go back to Practical Windows if you find you weren't quite prepared.


Note: the second and third courses can be done using Apple Mac computers (or Linux or Unix or z/OS or others) - just use the appropriate plain text editor instead of Notepad.


So off you go, to one of these lesson tracks:

   Practical Windows for Small Business [and Hobbies]

   Creating Websites Using Notepad [or any other plain text editor]

   Advanced Topics in Website Coding


Note: the videos themselves are available at no charge on YouTube. However, on the website you can get transcripts, additional commentary, and lab files all for no extra charge.

You can find the video summaries and YouTube links here.


To give you some ideas of what's possible, visit the Denver Takayama sister city activity site - a website built using the techniques taught in these courses, (note: this now maps to an older version of this site, and the old version is mapped to the new official site for the sister city program)

and take a look at the Global Travel Factory - another website built using the techniques taught in these courses.

Alternatives: there are other websites where you can learn to code. Some have some free content, but the good stuff comes at a fee.

Compare the sources below to Still Plugging Away. Would you take a course about web coding from someone whose own pages do not pass the official HTML validation test?


Email us if you would like additional information. We would love to see your comments and recommendations for our site.