Lesson 19: Cookies

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Here we discuss the role of cookies, and how these text strings are used to communicate across pages. Topics include:


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Lesson 19: Cookies

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Supplemental materials

    How to test if cookies are disabled, and how you might address the issue
    A cumulative summary of the contents of the course so far


Hands on exercise

This exercise is primarily focused on setting cookies and retrieving cookie values across pages.

For this exercise, we're going to update Events.html from lesson 16, creating a new page, Events2.html. The Events.html page includes a pop-up window to display who's planning to attend an event (the class reunion for Flying Drones Academy class of 2018). There is also a link to sign up to attend, which, you may recall, ended up setting up an email.

This time, we're going to change that link to point to another new page, newAttendee.html, that includes an <input> element for you to specify the name of a new attendee. You'll put that name into a cookie and then provide a link back to Events2.html, which will get the cookie value and add it to the list of attendees so it will appear in the pop-up window of attendees.

So here are the steps for the first page ...


And here are the steps for the second page ...


Testing (either locally from your MyWebFiles, or upload the two files and test from your server) ...


Exercise stretch - deal with cookies not enabled situation (optional) ...





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