Lesson 6: Introduction to php

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Advanced Websites
   Layout and design
   Page framing
   Server Side Includes
   Introduction to CGI
   Introduction to php
   php: 'if', emails
   php: string handling and date / time
   php: file handling
   Responsive Web Design
   Processing images
   php: databases
   php: logins and passwords
   Tracking hits
   Navigation I
   Navigation II

Here is an introduction to the php programming language. Topics include:



Note: I strongly suggest you view all our videos in full screen mode: click the icon in the lower right corner of the video area (it shows four arrows pointing to the corners of the screen). When you are done, the Esc ("escape") key returns you to regular mode.


Lesson 06: Introduction to php

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Hands on exercise

This exercise is primarily focused on getting a simple php CGI coded and running correctly.

In your AdvancedWebFiles/cgis directory you will find a file "phpStarter.txt" which you may find useful. Our goal here is to create a php CGI that will respond to the user request by thanking them by name for their suggestion and showing their suggestion in order to make it clear you got it.


Supplemental materials

    A cumulative summary of the contents of this course so far: Click here
    For a combined cumulative summary of both Web courses so far, Click here



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