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Hi. I'm Steve Comstock and I'm the founder of "Still Plugging Away", a sole proprietorship.


The Zen of Web Coding
The Joy of Coding
Non-Programmer's Guide


Some people putter in their garden.

Others putter in their garage, their basement, their workshop or their studio.

They hone their skills and create fine pieces of art or craft.

I putter on my computer. I hone my skills and create web pages.

Try this approach and see if it satisfies creative needs you have.

Did you know that you can build an entire website on your personal computer? Of course, no one but you can see it, but that might be just what you want:

Then if you need / want to show your website to someone else, you can put the whole site on a thumb drive and send that to someone, so they can see it also.


Of course, you may want to actually build a website on the internet - giving you a wider audience. Maybe to support


I have put together an online course on how to create web pages / sites using only free and simple tools. It assumes you have some familiarity with how to use basic Windows apps, but if you are not comfortable with those, I have a pre-requisite course that can improve your skills working with Windows.

These courses are cheap very inexpensive (USD10 for the Windows course, USD20 for the web coding course).


Here are some links to sample solutions of a few of the lab exercises our students work on in the web coding course. The point is to demonstrate skills you will have after taking our course on web development:


For all the details, visit


Email us if you would like additional information. We would love to see your comments and recommendations for our site.