Lesson 22: Scripting with tables

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Intermediate topics
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   Scripting w/ tables
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Here we explore a DOM property that had totally escaped me, and it expands and simplifies coding for elements that have a text component. Topics include:


Note: I strongly suggest you view all our videos in full screen mode: click the icon in the lower right corner of the video area (it shows four arrows pointing to the corners of the screen). When you are done, the Esc ("escape") key returns you to regular mode.


Lesson 22: Scripting with tables:
Part 1: A Revelation

Click here for the video transcript.


Session 2

In this video, we explore several DOM properties and methods that apply to table elements. Topics include:



Lesson 22: Scripting with tables
Part 2: DOM and JavaScript for tables

Click here for the video transcript, ScriptingWithTables.pdf


Hands on exercise

This exercise is primarily focused on applying 'rows', 'cells', and 'textContent' while building a table dynamically!

In this exercise, we challenge you to apply the concepts here at a deeper level. Our goal is to create a pop-up window containing a new table based on the table in inventory.html but with just three columns:

We'll draw on your knowledge of tables, of course, but also user-written functions, document.write, the JavaScript Number() function and the toFixed() method.

Once again start with inventory.html in your MyWebFiles directory and end up with InventoryValue.html.


Session 3

In this video, we explore a new DOM methods and some more JavaScript elements. Topics include:



Lesson 22: Scripting with tables
Part 3: Additional JavaScript and DOM

Click here for the video transcript, AdditionalJavaScriptAndDOM.pdf


Hands on exercise

This exercise extends the previous exercise slightly.

In this exercise, we add a simple extension: calculate and display the total value of the inventory table (that is, the sum of all the item values).

Modify InventoryValue.html by changing your valueReport() function as follows:


Hands on exercise #2

This challenging exercise draws on multiple skills:

    * picture access and editing
    * JavaScript (function definition, document write and pop up windows)
    * HTML (table construction, img elements)
    * CSS (text font, weight, size; border, text-align, and more)

The assignment here is to create a web picture album. You will gather a set of pictures, edit them to fit (details soon), and build a table with thumbnail versions so that when the user clicks on an image in the table they are shown the full size picture in a pop-up window!

So first, gather a set of related images; if you don't have a set at hand, go to and do a search on some category such as "flowers" or "birds" or any thought that interests you. Gather, say, twelve pictures. Then prepare the pictures as follows (using IrfanView or any similar product you work with):

Open html_skel and save it in your MyWebFiles directory as Photos.html. Then add the following pieces into Photos.html:


Supplemental materials

     A supplemental paper summarizing additional DOM methods and properties for table related elements
    A cumulative summary of the contents of the course so far: Click here for the cumulative technical summary



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